Oranges in the Sewer

by Fragile Farm

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released February 2, 2017

Download this album for free and then listen to it, the tracks are seamless if you do.

All songs written and performed by Sean Ballard

-"I don't like your songs" performed by Salvatore Cassatto and Dakota Loesch
-"perfect change or melvyn" performed by Delia Rainey
-"reservoir" performed by John Beabout
-"your eyes waver" performed by Todd Anderson
-"coming undone" performed by Aaron O'neill
-"thank god" written by Ryan Raines



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Fragile Farm St. Louis, Missouri

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Track Name: ribs under ribs
be careful where you slice theres a drunk inside this cake
actually i believe he goes by blake
i cant be sure though ill ask when hes awake
wish i believed in a god so that i could pray
bottomless pit of despair and dishes to be washed
there is no heart that beats inside this cage
ribs under ribs under ribs under ribs
Track Name: bolozone
woke up with a stinger in my arm
bee hive in my bedroom wall
eyes wide, I slide
over my sweaty head with my sweaty palm

lay the brick, cough syrup shot
cap the line, chain saw
regret, best regards
one eye open, one eye closed
hydrogen peroxide
lay limp in the river

im throwing out my alarm
bees dont fly now they crawl
eyes tight, ice
how can i be ready for winter when im afraid to fall
Track Name: i dont like your songs
your not very kind, i dont think that matters
i dont think you mind when i cant muster laughter
i go to your shows and stand too close
dont look in my eyes i dont want you to know

i dont like your songs
but i like your company
i dont like your art
but i like you around me
i dont like your songs
but i like that you like me
and i also like
that you like my songs
Track Name: perfect change or melvyn
breakfast every morning
in almost perfect silence
except to poke fun at my outfit
but its not meant as violence
i can hear your hair growing
its much longer than mine
and i sometimes see my future
when i look in your eyes
but then they close

the butter on your grits
melts and flows over the side
of your bowl down to the coaster
upon which it resides
but you need not mix it in
you have nothing to hide
there is no creamer in your coffee
everything you are inside

there is no creamer in my coffee
there is no food left on my plate
my head too is that empty
as i sit and sip and wait
for your breakfast to be finished
for you to make perfect change
then that brings this haunting thought
is there really such a thing?
i dont know
Track Name: the way you cry
everyone you know just likes the way that you cry
and thats why they keep hurting you all the time
addicted to the glow of your watery eye
thats why all your loves cant help but make you cry
Track Name: get ready to throw rocks
take off my clothes
hold me close
Track Name: get through
how did i use to get through?

I dont know how to hold it in
Track Name: reservoir
I went to the reservoir today
hung my head out of the window and watched my thoughts blow away
the water crashed down at the bottom in a powerful wave
I found so much beauty in something so man made

coming off the water was an unbreakable wind
with my arms outstretched I stood against
I felt my body crumble and my soul split in to two

I fell to the ground with one thunderous blow
I mixed with the soil to see what I could grow
the flowers ill make and the scent theyll create
is all man made
yea im man made
im man made too
Track Name: heaven
heaven is super awesome

why dont we go there?
Track Name: oranges in the sewer
how can I convince the ducks that im not trying to eat them
how do i wish you luck without condescension

Make it to the pueblo
chattering teeth
triangles in the corner
i burn the couscous
touch the third rail

oranges in the sewer
Track Name: your eyes waver
I see your eyes waver
and I cant seem to hold your attention
but it dont matter
im talking too much anyway
no it dont matter
what i have to say
Track Name: coming undone
I dont really know where my mind is
probably just where i last lost it

on my friends driveway
covered in blood
watch me fade away
coming undone

now i sit at home and try to avoid sleep
walk around alone just like a creep
collecting all the things that remind me of you
i dont want to get better all
i dont want to get over the pain
relish in the fact that im not the same
i just want to get back to that day

on my friends driveway
covered in blood
watch me fade away
coming undone
Track Name: thank god
Mirrored in the right light
I can see my everything
My lines and folds
And ancient veins
I dilute into the background
Oh, world, you have soaked me in
With your wavelengths and bank statements
Last summer
I could see a blinking light at night
I was terrified, I was terrified
Of its petty power
In time, it all died
So, I'll build a home under skies
Filled with birds
I can't separate my everything
From all this dirt
I'm going home
For the first time in my life
This feels like hell
Well, alright
I spent three hours
Just staring at the sky
I spent eighteen years
Confusing day and night
Well, alright